Window Box Packaging - Custom Printed Kraft Paper Boxes

Want to give maximum exposure to your products via packaging? Look no other than window boxes. This packaging puts customer engagement, brand recognition, and sales in front of many well-established competitors.

As its name suggests, it has been equipped with a window that allows potential customers or onlookers to get a sneak peek of the product inside.

Hook / Need creation:

Myriad customers are drawn to assessing the quality and appearance of the product before usage. This packaging plays a critical role in converting such skeptical people into loyal customers.

Partner with Ucustom boxes to get high-quality custom window box packaging and see your sales going as high as the sky.

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Order your custom-printed boxes in any style you need.

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Proven Benefits of Window Packaging Boxes:

1- Window Boxes Enhance Aesthetic Appeal:

Visual appeal reigns supreme when it comes to drawing the attention of potential buyers. In a sea of products packed in ordinary packaging, an item encased in the window is likely to stand out, which increases the likelihood of sales. Ucustom Boxes strives to create precise packaging that has a window on the most optimal location that complements the overall product value. Imagine a situation where you have to face large blocks of ordinary boxes containing products and a few window boxes. What do you think will catch your attention? Definitely custom window box packaging.

2- Increases Sales:

Window box packaging is the sales-driven machine that causes your products to leave your shelves at lightning-fast speed. Skeptic buyers do not trust the product easily, but our deluxe window packaging has streamlined everything. Window packaging allows the onlookers to get a sneak peek of the product inside and assess its quality without unboxing the product.

You end up getting a deluge of sales using packaging with windows.

The window has a PVC sheet on it that not only protects the product inside but also dissolves customers’ fears regarding the product’s quality and outlook.

3- Diverse Applications in Many Industries:

A great thing about packaging boxes with window from Ucustom Boxes is that its applications are not limited. Be it toy, cosmetic, apparel, material, or medical industry, window boxes offer a wide range of uses.

Our packaging design specialists tweak the window boxes according to the industry’s use case. For instance, if you are looking for window boxes for the cosmetic industry, we will use a more luxurious paper material printed with relevant themes that draw beauty freaks in. Even if you have multiple businesses and are looking for window boxes, we will tailor these boxes to suit each business’s unique preferences.

Material options include:


Nowadays, businesses are breaking stereotypes, and packaging is no different. Traditional closed boxes do not fascinate onlookers anymore. So, be the trailblazer when it comes to framing products in packaging with our custom window box packaging.

Boxes with windows enhance the product’s worth without costing you the top dollar. Increased perceived value counts on your side by leveling up what the customers pay for each product.

4- Avail of Customization Options:

Customization plays a key role in turning ordinary boxes into packaging that acts as your brand advocate. The same is the case for packaging boxes with window.

Ucustom boxes values your suggestions while manufacturing window boxes. Our array of customization encompasses options like material, size, style, coating, window position, and add-ons.

Material options include Kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and paperboard, whereas style options encompass gable, two-piece, roll end tuck, straight tuck, and reverse tuck end. In a similar vein, coating options include gloss, matte, and spot UV, making the outlook of the window box hard to ignore.

Transform your ideal box packaging to reality with us and nail your business.

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Ucustom Boxes is a one-stop, customer-focused packaging manufacturer that has earned a distinctive spot in the packaging fraternity. Its commitment to delivering exceptional packaging solutions is what makes it an all-coveted choice for all retail and online businesses. Boasting a skillful team of packaging designers, Ucustom Boxes takes immense pride in serving a diverse range of brands like beauty, health, electronics, health, and sports. Though we do not compromise on packaging quality, we understand the budget limitations of smaller and medium enterprises.

Take the plunge today for a better business and order custom window box packaging.


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