Custom Ice Cream Cone Paper & Waffle Packaging Sleeves

Would you like to get your hands messy while enjoying cone ice cream? Definitely no. In a similar vein, your customers would not appreciate it if you were a cone ice cream seller.

Presenting ice cream cone sleeves that have earned a special spot in the ice cream industry. 

Hook / Need creation:

These are made of colored paper and surround the ice-cream waffle with text and logos printed. They are available in different sizes and styles. Keep your ice cream retains its freshness, crispiness, and flavor of ice cream, allowing your customers to have an enjoyable experience.

Ucustom Boxes takes pride in manufacturing high-quality, durable, and fetching ice cream cone sleeves. This packaging helps your business to reach the next level with recognizable growth.

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Benefits of Custom Cone Sleeves

1- Preserve The Core Attributes Of the Ice-cream:

Our custom cone sleeves are carefully designed to preserve freshness, flavor, and crispiness. Customers only love cone ice cream that has all three attributes, and our sleeves efficiently preserve them. 

Made of Kraft, our cone sleeves effectively maintain the temperature of ice cream. This prevents it from melting and messing up the overall experience.

Reactive elements, especially sunlight or heat, can impair the waffle and alter the flavor. It leads to a horrible experience for your customers. Cone sleeves block the heat rays from making direct contact with the ice cream—thanks to the high-quality, temperature-resistant Kraft we use in the process. 

Ucustom Boxes places the utmost importance on selecting top-notch Kraft material. It preserves cone ice cream from being deformed due to any mishandling or application of accidental stresses. Carve the best experience for your customers by ordering our durable cone sleeves.

2- Promotes Positive Brand image With Ice-cream Cone Paper:

Want to earn a distinctive spot in the ice cream industry? Assume our high-quality ice cream sleeves. Customers love to have a mess-free experience while enjoying their favorite zesty ice cream. When the customers can enjoy the original tang of the ice cream, they are likely to remember the brand that gave them such an experience. Not only will they come back, but they will also recommend your ice cream outlet to their circle. 

Apart from affording a mess-free, immaculate experience, our cone sleeves will promote a positive image of the ice cream outlet.

With durable cone sleeves surrounding your ice cream waffle, people will prefer your brand amidst competition.

3- Multiple Customization Options To Cater To Diverse Needs:

Your ice cream retail store has innumerable flavors. Each cone has a unique taste, length, and color, which demands the availability of a variety of sleeves.

Ucustom Boxes understands your ice-cream business dynamics and thus offers a wide array of customization options. Whether it is size, sleeve thickness, color, or material, you have multiple options to showcase your distinction in the market. Our wide range of printing options and color schemes efficiently cater to your needs. Be it vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate flavor, getting the right ice cream cone packaging with us is a breeze. 

We do not believe in rigid design. Thus, it allows you to customize every element of the cone sleeve according to your needs and desires.

Material options include:


It does not matter whether you are an established brand or a new player in the market. You need effective branding to boost your ice cream business. Our cone sleeves spread your brand awareness among the folks with their taglines, brand names, and flavors printed on them in bold color schemes. We have world-class printing equipment at hand. It allows us to put your brand names visibly. It instantly attracts the attention of the onlookers, leaving them with a solid image in their minds. 

Embrace Brand popularity with Custom ice cream cone sleeves by Ucustom Boxes.

4- Be the Steward Of Eco-friendly Packaging:

Is there anything better than getting sales while going light on the environment? You can secure a regardful spot in the eyes of environment-conscious ice cream lovers with our sustainable cone sleeves. Ucustom Boxes of high-quality Kraft paper are used to manufacture waffle cone paper sleeves. Kraft is a natural material that is known for eco-friendly properties such as recyclability and biodegradability. Using our eco-friendly cone sleeves will let you come up as an environment-responsible brand. As a result, there is a strong likelihood that your sales will go up.

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Ucustom Boxes is the best packaging company to partner with for many reasons. Delivering quality over quantity is our middle name. That is why we are the go-to haven for retail businesses looking for quality packaging solutions within a limited budget. We have been in the packaging industry for many years. Thus, we better understand the nuances of packaging and your business requirements. 

We have an expert packaging design team and cutting-edge equipment invested to fuel your business growth via packaging. Our packaging services are customer-centric and include free design assistance, free shipping across the USA, and swift delivery turnaround.

Place your order with us today. Acquire high-quality custom waffle cone sleeves to take your business to the next level of progress.

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