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Pack your food items with confidence and make their freshness last longer with custom food takeout boxes. Buy them now and enjoy exciting discounts as well.

Who says that packaging for takeout food has not much impact on your restaurant business? Embrace our quality food takeout boxes to elevate the dining experience from good to unforgettable.

Hook / Need creation:

Food takeout boxes let your brand personality shine in front of your customers by providing convenience and exhibiting the class your food has.

Be it boiled rice, pasta, soup, or anything else, food takeout boxes give holistic coverage. It is because they are available in many sizes, styles, and shapes.

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Benefits of Custom Food Takeout Boxes:

1- Preserve Freshness and taste of food:

You should remember that food quality gets compromised when it loses freshness while being taken to home or any other destination.

Our Custom food takeout boxes effectively maintain the freshness and seal in the aroma of takeout food, allowing your customers to enjoy it fully. Made up of high-quality corrugated cardboard and paperboard, takeout boxes prevent heat loss due to the greater thickness of these materials. The food retains the aroma, and so does the quality. This is what customers are on the outlook for—maintained quality and taste for a longer time, and this is what our food takeout boxes do.

Plastic takeout containers are perfectly sealed, which prevents leakage of essential sauces and flavors of takeout food and preserves its true flavor.

2- Available in Different styles and shapes:

The range of takeout foods is quite vast, and each food requires a distinctive identity. To cater to a range of your packaging needs, we offer a wide array of takeout boxes that differ in shape, style, and size.

Whether you want to pack regular food (rice, chicken, curry) or fast food (burgers, fries, and popcorn), Ucustom Boxes have got you covered. Our skillful team of packaging designers better understands the food industry and comes with packaging solutions that complement the takeout experience.

With us, you have access to a myriad of styles this packaging can adopt, such as two-piece, roll-end tuck, gable, scoop, etc.

3- Promote Positive Customer Experience:

Your customers are likely to turn off when their takeout experience is greasy and messy. As a restaurant, it is critical for you to make their takeout experience memorable.

We offer custom takeout food boxes that are perfectly folded to prevent the oil and essential flavor from leaking out. This will ensure they can easily consume food without getting their hands and clothes dirty. It leads to a positive customer experience, giving a massive push to the likelihood of better customer retention rates and more sales. Reusable takeout food containers play a critical role in avoiding negative customer experience.

Material options include:


UCustom Boxes value your packaging suggestions. If our pre-made food takeout box templates do not catch your fancy, we go the extra mile and customize each and every element of the box, inducing personalization in the packaging.

With us, you can bring your ideal takeout packaging design to life without any hassle. Be it size, shape, style, opening, or graphics, UCustom Boxes personalizes each and everything according to your desires and needs.

Distinction is the key to stamping your authority in the competitive landscape. Nothing beats customization in bringing in distinction. Gain a unique edge in the food arena with our takeout food boxes that tell a unique story about the flavors you add to the edibles.

When it comes to customizing physical appearance, we present a range of options in coating, lamination, and add-ons. Coating options include spot UV, gloss, matte, and semi-gloss.

4- Bring Your Restaurant In Spot Light With Food Takeout Boxes:

Do you not like everyone ranting the name of your restaurant? Definitely, yes, and our custom takeout boxes do it well. Ucustom Boxes uses bold typography to print your brand name and tagline on takeout packaging so that it catches the attention of everyone out there.

Using techniques of embossing and debossing, we make sure the brand name is easily noticeable, leaving a mark on the people who have not tasted the gusto of your remarkable food.

Disposable food takeout boxes go beyond the service of a conventional container and push your brand identity, making it knowable by the folks out there.

Box Design That Inspired

Need some ideas before getting started on your custom packaging project? Check out some of our favorite custom printed boxes.

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Ucustom Boxes is a reputable packaging manufacturer that places a premium on quality and is focused on delivering exceptional packaging solutions. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating food takeout boxes that not only soar past the client’s expectations but also give your brand identity a massive push. From using cutting-edge equipment and paper material to investing countless hours in creating picture-perfect packaging, we offer exciting free-of-cost services like design assistance, shipping across the USA and swift turnaround.

What are you waiting for? Place your order with us today and get wholesale takeout food containers delivered to your doorstep in optimal turnaround.

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