About Us

U Custom Boxes is a business that started in May 2021 to provide custom packaging solutions to its customers. The organization gives distinctive packaging solutions for various enterprises in cosmetics, gadgets, electronics, herbal products, and many other segments.

Our business is based in Connecticut, but we deliver all over U.S.A and Canada. This is a very competitive industry due to the merciless rivalry that exists in the market. We have worked hard to separate ourselves from others based on our quality and competitive pricing. Our aspiration and spirit of adding value to other businesses have kept us on the path to success.

We value our Clients

U Custom Boxes was created to free our clients from the constant fear of damaged goods due to substandard packaging solutions. Our associates shared and praised the idea; our mission was clear to start our business.

Our primary objective is to satisfy our customers with affordable packaging solutions with a complete focus on the quality of our solutions. We care for our clients from when they submit their prerequisites until the delivery of their orders. We can assure you that you will get many client benefits (repeat orders) and packaging that shows the adoration and fondness with which we plan and produce it. We deal with our clients as a family and make sure they feel it is easy to transact for our services.

We have a great team working with us who take responsibility for satisfying our customers and delivering orders in the required time. We pack our items most delightfully to ensure safe and smooth transit.

Customized packaging services

We have a wide range of packaging solutions starting from paper wrappings, stickers, office stationery packages, and cardboard packaging to facilitate our client’s needs.

We can effectively consider small details clients want in their packaging solutions, like varnishes, embossing, hot stamping, and other finishing techniques.

The concept is to deliver unique packaging solutions which distinguish our clients from their competition and add value to their products. We offer various customization solutions. All you need to do is contact one of our sales representatives, who will guide you through the process.

We additionally look to hand out our existing clients special deals to add value to their repeat purchases with us. We aim to provide all our clients with affordable packaging solutions that do not affect the quality of the end product.  Our clients can make customized packages of their choice by using their designs or ask for design solutions from our in-house team.