Custom Hot Dog Food Trays & Plastic/Cardboard Serving Paper Holder

Buy our custom hotdog trays to ensure a grease-free experience for the customers. Multiple sizes and materials are available. Free shipping and design assistance await you.

Partner with Ucustom Boxes to get high-quality hotdog trays and let your customers have many sizzling hotdogs without any hassle.

Hook / Need creation:

Hotdog is a trending snack that has earned a special spot in the hearts of fast-food lovers. These free-spirited souls are drawn to taste as well as the presentation of hotdogs. So, as a hotdog seller, you need to keep an eye on this to make sure they have a positive experience and keep them coming back for more. Get your hands on our custom hotdog trays that tick all the boxes of a memorable munching experience.

A hotdog tray is a disposable tray particularly designed to serve hotdogs. Paperboard is generally used in the manufacturing of these hotdog trays, though Kraft and cardboard options are available as well.

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Proven Benefits of Candle Packaging Boxes:

1- Hotdog Trays Provide Stable Support Due to Their Strength:

Our top-notch quality hotdog paper trays impart great, stable support. We mostly use paperboard, fluted corrugated, cardboard, and plastic stock because they are lightweight yet strong.

Efficiently hold the weight of the hotdogs securely while providing space for condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. This lets your customers enjoy their hotdogs without the fear of them toppling or collapsing.

Our product designers go the extra mile and coat the hotdog tray material with a thin layer of wax and plastic to provide moisture resistance. It prevents the hotdog tray from becoming soggy or leaky.

2- Amenable To Different Customization Options:

With Ucustom Boxes, you have the freedom to modify each and every element of the hotdog serving tray with the help of multiple customization options. Whether it is the shape, size, material, or printing of the hotdog tray, we offer a diverse range of designs, stock, and add-on options.

Depending on the size and weight of the hotdog, you can get the ideal hotdog tray that not only complements your business objectives but also sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.
We offer customization options in material, and we also offer personalization in finishes, coating, and add-on options.

3- Epitome Of Visual Appeal:

Visual appeal plays a crucial part in presenting a better brand image and leaving a lasting impression on the minds of the customers.

Ucustom Boxes invests countless hours and cutting-edge printing equipment in turning ordinary hotdog trays into visual masterpieces. They depict your brand identity and the tang your hotdogs have.

Our hotdog holder paper is more than just packaging; instead, it is a literal attention-stealer.
We print vibrant graphics, brand names, and taglines in bold typography that leaves an impressive mark on their minds. The premium appearance of the hotdog tray connotes the quality and exceptional taste the brand offers.

Material options include:


For example, considering the material option, you can acquire plastic hotdog trays and cardboard hotdog holders. A cardboard hotdog holder is an eco-friendly option for hotdog outlets.

Immerse in an endless array of customization options and transform your ideal disposable hotdog tray into reality.

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Ucustom Boxes is a packaging haven for fast-food businesses like hotdog retail stores. We have many years of experience in manufacturing high-quality boxes for a plethora of businesses. Apart from maintaining quality, we consider the budget constraints of smaller enterprises, offering deluxe wallet-friendly packaging solutions. We believe in customer satisfaction and thus do not compromise on anything less than brilliant. From sourcing quality materials to utilizing top-notch equipment, Ucustom Boxes soar past what you pay for packaging.

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