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Boxes for Small Quantities

You might anticipate a significant financial commitment if you search for top-notch product packaging. Alternatively, suppose you were fortunate enough to stumble upon an affordable deal. In that case, you may be concerned about ordering many boxes for a reasonable price.

We comprehend this decision’s magnitude and want to assist you. At U Custom boxes, we strive to provide the best of both worlds by enabling you to order small quantities of boxes in various design choices at bulk pricing. You can even create your custom box with specialty inks.

Please look at all the benefits we offer by scrolling down. We are dedicated to serving you.

Boxes & Labels-Lowest Minimums Are 250 Pieces

Small Quantity Boxes & Labels

Our remarkably low minimum quantity order distinguishes us from other box manufacturers. We can offer this because we manufacture everything in-house without needing resellers or intermediaries. For example, we set our minimum order quantity at just 250 pieces at U Custom Box.

While some print and packaging manufacturers may have minimums as low as a single piece, the expenses can be exorbitant. However, by choosing a minimum order quantity of 250 pieces, we can deliver top-notch, custom, fully printed boxes and labels at unbeatable prices.

How Low Minimums Can Benefit Your Company Fundamentally

Lower Storage

By placing small quantity orders, you can significantly reduce the storage space needed for your packaging orders. This way, you can order exactly what you require when you need it. In addition, our boxes are shipped flat, which not only saves space but also lowers shipping costs.

Additional Customized Styles

With short-run printing, you can make small batches of boxes and labels with unique barcodes, different scents and colors, and even different materials and decorations. This gives you more ways to make your packaging more personal and flexible.

Seasonal Packaging in Short Run

You no longer have to worry about being stuck with thousands of leftover boxes when creating high-quality packaging for a particular holiday, cause, or target audience. At U Custom boxes, we provide specialized packaging options at reasonable prices, allowing you to create custom boxes without excess waste.

Allow us to assist you with your boxes and labels. You’ll be able to minimize waste, stay within your budget, and experience the best the packaging industry offers.

Take advantage of bulk discounts with

Several Design Variations

This option is ideal if various products utilize the same container but require distinct artwork for each scent or variation.

We recognize that some products sell more than others, and you may need to stock up on boxes for certain products while needing fewer for others. With U Custom Boxes, you can order individual quantities (starting as low as 250 pieces) for each product, avoiding overstock and obsolescence.

Furthermore, you can order varying quantities and still receive a combined bulk rate.


Common Application of U Custom Boxes

How a Combined Bulk Rate Works-Here Is an Example

Suppose you order 3000 boxes with four different designs, each with different quantities, to optimize sales. The boxes require full-color printing with matte lamination on Paperboard.

Design 1 requires 1500 boxes, design 2 needs 750 boxes, design 3 requires 500 boxes, and the new product requires 250 packages for testing.

By using our bulk pricing, you can save on your order.

Regular Rate

If you do not use the combined bulk rate for multiple design versions, the cost per box will increase if you order fewer boxes. This means that ordering fewer boxes will result in higher costs.

In the regular rate offer, the price per box changes based on the quantity ordered.

Bulk Order

With the bulk quantity rate, we calculate the price per box based on the total number of packages you need, regardless of whether they are in different quantities.

So, for example, the cost per box is minimal if you need 3000 units with the same die and paper options as our regular rate.

Take charge of your inventory and order small boxes with various designs at a combined bulk price. Our box experts will customize your order to minimize waste, ensuring you never have to worry about unused boxes.

Personalized Cutting Dies

How Are Boxes Made

Box production involves a cutting die, a metal tool that removes the box shape from the printed paper. The cutting die has a design template that guides the box’s design process. Once the design is printed on paper, the cutting die cuts out the box, completing the first step.

In addition to our library of thousands plus free box dies and templates, we can create custom dies that match your specific needs. These dies can be made in any shape or size with custom cutouts. 

You can design your box exactly as you imagined, and we will print it to your specifications.

Custom dimensions? Fee for a one-time custom die

If you cannot find your desired box dimensions in our die library, you can request a custom die to be made specifically for you. The one-time fee for a custom cutting die is mentioned price, which covers the cost of the structural design and metal-building process.

Unlike our competitors, who may hide the cost of custom dies in the final bill and label it “free,” we are transparent about our prices and processes.

Once your custom cutting die is created, you won’t have to worry about additional charges. You can reorder anytime using your custom die template, update your artwork and colors, or create multiple versions as your company grows.

Making of Colors

Matching colors and specialty inks

Have you ever noticed that the colors displayed on your computer screen differ from the ones printed on paper? This is because screens and printers interpret colors differently.

The RGB Spectrum

Digital devices such as computer monitors and cameras use red, green, and blue (RGB) light to display colors. Each pixel has three dots – one red, one green, and one blue. When aided by a white light shining from the back of the panel, vivid colors are displayed on the screen.

CMYK Printing

On the other hand, printed materials use cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) ink to produce colors. The CMYK printing process creates a different range of colors than the RGB spectrum. In one printed dot, the four colors are layered on each other to produce the final color.

Limitations of CMYK

While the CMYK system generally produces fantastic results, color variations can occur from one printing run to another since the printing presses mix the colors. To address difficult or precise colors, we offer two solutions.

1. No Cost Color Matching

Color matching is essential if you need the same color on all your printed products, like boxes, folding cartons, or labels. This process ensures that the color on your packaging is consistent and accurate. We offer a free color-matching service for all our brands.

To take advantage of this service, provide a physical example of your desired color. Then, our production team will adjust our printers to match the color as closely as possible. This ensures that your printed products will have the same color and meet your expectations.

Below you can see how:

1. Find the color you desire

Choose a sample that’s already the color you want your finished product to be, and use it as a guide. This may be an older box, a packaging component for your presents, or even one of your items. All three possibilities are on the table.

2. Instruct Us

Provide clear instructions and details to ensure we match the color. You can leave us a note indicating the color you want. Additionally, kindly include your name, business name, and mail, so we can easily contact you if we need further clarification.

3. Mail Your color

Please send it to our manufacturing plant.


U Custom Boxes

830 Old Stratfield Rd, Fairfield, CT 06825

2. Specialty Ink

If you need a color that is impossible through the CMYK printing process, specialty ink is your solution. This ink is reformulated to create hues that cannot be made using standard CMYK colors.

For example, a customer had difficulty finding a print company to print their bright orange boxes in the desired shade. This was because the standard CMYK colors could not combine to produce the hue they were looking for.

To solve this problem, we ordered a specialty ink of the specific PMS color (Pantone Matching System) required for their logo. PMS inks are pre-mixed before printing, providing a consistent color. As a result, we now have this specialty ink in-house for this company. We can use it for any reorders, new box designs, or new artwork that requires this specific color.

Getting high-quality packaging at an affordable price has always been challenging.

Contact us for unbeatable small-quantity boxes in multiple designs, full-color printing, and the assurance of dealing with an authentic US company.